Angelus/Orr: City Crown  

Angelus/Orr: City Crown
MeetFactory - Gallery Kostka, Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5 
29. April 2018 - 27. May 2018

Praha 5, MeetFactory - Galerie Kostka

Artists: Micah Angelus, Elizabeth Orr
Curator: Lucia Kvočáková


...I ask the person on my left: "Are your keystones always set in a red cement?"...
...the man answers: „Very-long-ago a keystone was always set in with a mortar of ground bones mixed with blood. Human bones, human blood. Without the bloodbond the arch would fall, you see. We use the blood of animals, these days.“ (Ursula Le Guin: The Left Hand of Darkness)  

Research of Czech monuments and public sculpture led U.S. based artist collaboration A/O (Micah Angelus and Elizabeth Orr) to propose that violence and time can be embed in monuments. The first large-scale collaboration of A/O, City Crown, uses sculpture as a form to hold ideologies and critique. Walls, objects, and fragments based on historical monuments and public sculptures are placed inside tents made out of printed images. Through this artwork, A/O are testing models of political and formal critique


MeetFactory - Gallery Kostka