mysteria galerieuzlatehokohouta recenze ceskegalerieThere is a group exibition called Flora Mystica II in the Michalská Street 3, in the underground of Prague Old Town. The origin of its name is derived from using themes of flowers and mystries in works. The joint project of Markéta Lemberk, Petra Šrámková, Jan Hachran a Václav Trajer is held untill June 28th 2018. The entrance fee in the Gallery The Golden Cock is voluntary. The items of exibition can be sold.

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Markéta Lemberk works in Gallery Supice in Tábor. Main themes of her paintings is the nature. There are the reflections of her travels in Slovenia in the exhibited works. Even possible romantic motives are influenced by the events of recent war.

Petra Šrámková presents flowers and still life. Her calming themes are in the contrast of dramatic art of Václav Trajer. According Mirele Zukal, the gallerist, his works are the reminiscence of Hieronym Bosch and therefore they are her favourite ones. They are inspired by bloody history of inquisition and other dark historical events.

Jan Hachran creates sreen printings on golden foil. His goal is unfinished cycle of 57 pieces called Historia Symbolica. His intention is to make impress with aesthetic, symbolics and story. The illustrated book Slavics in pictures and poetry is prepared for printing. Together with poet Jan Křovina, he creates hos own original style called magical ornamentalism. His art activities are in leisure time, because he is preparing for doctor career. He comes from Ústí nad Labem and studies in Prague.

There was author´s recitation of poems by Jakub Křelina and interperation of Milan Kundera´s Monologs by actor Hana Draxlerová in the formal opening of exhibition.


Video from formal opening of exhibition, June 6th 2018