Proměnlivá tvář Benešova 

The varied face of Benešov
Museum of Art and Design Benešov - City Exhibition Hall, Malé náměstí 1700, Benešov 
3. July 2017 - 28. September 2017

Benešov, Muzeum umění a designu Benešov — Městská výstavní síň

Benesov is a city with a rich history that has undergone many changes since its founding. The original center of the town was the hill of Karlov with the Minorite monastery and the church of St. Nicholas. After the Hussite wars the center gradually moved to the area of today's Masaryk Square. At the beginning of the 18th century, the prominent Italian architect Giovanni Batista Alliprandi built the Piarist College and the Church of St. Anny. Both Baroque buildings were finished in the southwestern part of the square. Two hundred years later, new Art Nouveau houses were built in the narrowest center and added a modern look to the place. For six centuries the city evolved naturally and there were no violent urban interventions. New and old buildings complement each other and create the specific character of Benesov.

Museum of Art and Design Benešov - City Exhibition Hall