Rudolfinum Gallery, Alšovo nábřeží 12, Praha 1 
13. August 2020 - 6. December 2020

Praha 1, Galerie Rudolfinum



Unplugged, collective exhibition of international artists, derives its name from acoustic musical performance. Artists were approached to create a project with minimum consumption of fossil fuels for production and transport. We strive to explore the motive of stepping out of the comfort zone, limited resources, while maintaining the professionalism of institutional representation. We want to bring to the forefront the qualities we frequently overlook because of the ease of machine and automated production. An accent on daylight and physical experience when encountering art are also a themes.

Exhibiting artists:
John Cage (performed by members of the Czech Philharmonic)
Tomáš Džadoň
Patrície Fexová
Habima Fuchs
Tomáš Moravec
Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch
unconductive trash
Rinus van de Velde
Lenka Vítková

Essay: Ladislav Šerý

Curator: David Korecký

Rudolfinum Gallery