Europian heritage 

Europian heritage
Národní knihovna ČR, Klementinum 190, Prague 1 
23. January 2019 - 23. March 2019

Praha 1, Národní knihovna ČR, Klementinum - přízemí (vchod A)

The exhibition of photographs of 38 important European locations, which since 2013 have obtained the European Heritage Label. This label is given to monuments that played an important role in history, culture and development of the European Union.
Visitors can travel in time through different European countries, from archeological sites to architecture, from medieval castles to folklore traditions and fine arts. In one place, it is possible to visit Cluny Abbey in France, the Archives of the Crown of Aragon in Spain, or the famous Gdańsk Shipyard in Poland. The exhibition intends to point out common memory and identity of Europe and to commemorate sites that symbolize important ideas and values. From 2015, the Olomouc Premyslid Castle and Archdiocesan Museum are the only Czech holders of the European Heritage Label.
The display is organised by the National Library of he CR in association with the National Heritage Institute, the latter being the national coordinator of the Label in the Czech Republic. The European Heritage Label is part of the European programme Creative Europe.

Ground floor – gate A
Open: Mon–Sat, 9 am – 7 pm
Admission CZK 10 (free for the NL registered readers)

National Library of the Czech Republic, Klementinum