Dana Puchnarová: The pleasure of colors 

Dana Puchnarová: The pleasure of colors
Regional Gallery of Vysočina in Jihlava, Komenského 10, Jihlava 
4. April 2019 - 26. May 2019

Jihlava, Oblastní galerie Vysočiny v Jihlavě [Masarykovo náměstí 24]

Curator: Ivo Binder

The retrospective exhibition of the work of Dana Puchnarová (*1938) - a painter, graphic artist, illustrator, pedagogue and author of distinctive philosophical reflections that can be seen in her utopian visions, represented by the extensive cycle of paintings and drawings Sny o civilizaci, and in a number of her theoretical and literary texts and poems.

The pleasure of colors is not a self-imaginative color expression in her work, nor extrovert color hedonism, but a reflection of universal harmonies, which are a constant motivation for the spiritual search for man. Her extensive life work includes existentially loaded structural paintings and graphics inspired by the work of Franz Kafka or the late work of František Halas, the rationally transformed Geometrie Spiritualis, the constructive cycles Geometria Mechanica and Curves, or a cycle called Nets that is reflecting the transcendental world order.


Regional Gallery of Vysočina in Jihlava