Truth of the Material, Delusion of the Image


Truth of the Material, Delusion of the Image

Gallery of critics, PALÁC ADRIA 1st floor, Jungmannova 31, Prague 1 

7. March 2018 - 24. March 2018

Opening 7.3. from 6p.m.
press conference 5 p.m.

Curator: Vlasta Čiháková Noshiro

Kiyoshi Akiyama, Jaroslava Kadlecová, Přemysl Procházka, Ladislav Vlna

The theme of the exhibition expresses the relationship between the properties of the material and the visual optics of the picture. It shifts the wall painting to the relief expression and the relief to the spatial object. The painting acquires values of 3D image, the optical illusion is again at the forefront of conceptual questioning. The picture acquires, thanks to its intermedial expression, new meaning values. It is expressed as the situation, or the energy of interaction between the artwork and the perceiver.


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Gallery of Art Critics