František Pecháček: Reload - Recover 

František Pecháček: Reload - Recover
NoD gallery, Dlouhá 33, Prague 1 
16. January 2018 - 16. February 2018

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Praha 1, Galerie NoD

Curator: Veronika Zajačiková


František Pecháček is one of the most significant personalities of the Czech visual scene. He specializes in 2D and 3D graphics - animation, creation of a generated virtual environment. His specialties include video projection and video mapping of buildings and environments. He participates in the creation of a visual on the scene of theater performances at the National Theater. He has also collaborated on video projections of productions at the Theater in Vinohrady in Prague, the Moravian-Silesian National Theater in Ostrava or the Vigszinhasz Comedy theater in Budapest.

At the end of 2014, together with the idea and technology founder of the Video NoD Gallery, Miloš Marek, he was involved in creating a panoramic projection of the Video NoD Gallery. And he also introduced the first panoramic projection called Ocean (2014/2015, 3D animation). They both studied at the famous university of J. E. Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. Pecháček is a member of the BLACK DIVISION (2011). With his colleagues (Josef Kortan, Tomáš Predka, Roman Dušek) participated on video mapping project UP (2014) for ROXY/NoD club. It stands beside the names of world music stars like Morcheeba, Andy C or Everlast during the first celebrations of ROXY Anniversary BE 21. In 2014 Black Division won the first prize for industrial building mapping at the Zlín Mask festival.

Projection Reload - Recover for Video NoD Gallery is created in fluid simulation and 3D animation. It has created dissolving wax structures that are an association of significant symbols.

If I work with the basic armature of the object-that is, if I capture only the skeleton of the object, not the expression and the spoken word, I am, thanks to this expression reduction, a witness that, due to the absence of the mentioned components, the individual expressions are not completely legible. The gesture's credibility determines the quality of the message.


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