Cartography in Times between Hermitages and a Horsecar 

Cartography in Times between Hermitages and a Horsecar
National Library of CR, Klementinum 190, Prague 1  
29. May 2019 - 7. July 2019

Praha 1, Národní knihovna ČR, Klementinum, vchod B2

The exhibition, commemorating the 260th birthday anniversary of F. J. J. Kreibich (1759–1833), presents the life and work of the most important representative of Czech cartography of the first third of the19th century. Exhibited are thirty maps, both printed and manuscript, including sketches, trigonometric networks and copies of period maps. In them, we can see closed hermitages that had not served their purpose after the reforms of ecclesiastical administration issued by Joseph II, as well as transport projects demonstrating the development of industrialization.