Alamode /or/ how to cut a dash 

Alamode /or/ how to cut a dash
Klementinum Gallery (gate B), National Library, Klementinum 190, Praha 1 
22. June 2018 - 8. September 2018

Praha 1, Národní knihovna ČR, Klementinum, vchod B2

Fashion and Social Customs at the Turn of the 17th and 18th Centuries

The exhibition of Baroque costumes and masks introduces visitors to the period ideal of beauty and reveals a refined elegance and subtle sensuality of fashion then. Displayed costumes are complemented by original hand-made masks used for different social events. The author of the exposition will provide visitors with information about both the exhibits and the wider social context, including the relation to the present. June 22 – September 8


Klementinum Gallery (gate B)