Hvězdný prach - Luxusní česká bižuterie 

Stardust: Luxury Czech Jewellery
Museum Portheimka, Štefánikova 68/12, Praha 5  
12. May 2020 - 23. August 2020

Praha 5, Museum Kampa — Portheimka – Museum skla

The exhibition is dedicated to the present starry era of Czech costume jewellery. Ten companies for the Portheimka Museum of Glass in cooperation with curators Petr Nový and Silvie Stanická selected or created unique products designed by internal or external Czech and foreign designers. Their common themes are exclusivity, the world of haute couture and celebrities. A unique part of the exhibition is costume jewellery inspired by women with a strong story and charism – a symbolic gift to the patron Meda Mládková for her recently celebrated 100th birthday.

A great competitive advantage of Czech costume jewellery is its versatility nobody can match. Dozens of large, medium and small specialized companies located mainly in the Crystal Valley – today’s Liberec Region, especially in the regions of Jablonec and Železný Brod – are dedicated to production and pattern design. Costume jewellery is exported and delivered to almost a hundred countries around the world in the form of semi-finished or finished products. The main assortment currently includes glass stones and beads in a myriad of types, shapes, sizes, colours and their combinations, but the offer also includes metal jewellery and other specialties.

A specific part of the portfolio of Czech companies is luxury jewellery and fashion creations in the form of authors’ concepts, unique originals, limited collections, including cooperation with world and domestic fashion brands, designers and celebrities, or custom production for a specific demanding client. Czech costume jewellery can still be sui generis jewellery, which won’t be lost at prestigious world social events, catwalks, film premieres or music shows.

Museum Portheimka