Ondřej Vicena: Inwald 

Ondřej Vicena: Inwald
MeetFactory - Gallery Kostka, Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5 
27. November 2019 - 26. January 2020

Praha 5, MeetFactory - Galerie Kostka


Before we investigate the complicated history of this building – by the way, what history isn't complicated in the turbulent 20th century right in the very center of Europe – meet our adorable protagonist Ondřej. His interest in the bygone times of the Inwald glass industry isn't solely determined by artistic research but also has to do with another field of Ondřej’s activities – eyewear production. Constructed in the year 1878 by Josef Inwald, it was to be the biggest glass factory and refinery in Prague. Going through ups and downs, production continued after the death of Inwald through the first and the second World Wars to become part of the famous Škoda car plant after 1945. The end of production came after 1989 when step by step, buildings of the Inwald were destroyed due to the construction of the Zlíchov tunnel. The exhibition at Kostka Gallery will present Ondřej’s individual perspective on the factory that was present in Smíchov's landscape for over a century to become what it is today – a space for living arts.


Artist: Ondřej Vicena 
Curator: Piotr Sikora
Opening: 26. 11. 2019

MeetFactory - Gallery Kostka

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