Eliška Rožátová, Dana Vachtová, Jiřina Žertová:Tání hrany  

Eliška Rožátová, Dana Vachtová, Jiřina Žertová: Melting Edge
Museum Portheimka, Štefánikova 68/12, Praha 5 
19. October 2019 - 23. February 2020

Praha 5, Museum Kampa — Portheimka – Museum skla

The exhibition is a tribute to three remarkable artists who contributed significantly to the development of the Czech studio glassmaking in the second half of the 20th century. The exhibition presents the authors in several periods of their creative activities starting from the 1970s and ending in the 1990s, when they alternately explored the possibilities of molten glass sculpture, objects blown into a mould or a combination of glass with other techniques and materials, especially painting and metal.

Museum Portheimka