Fibers, cloth, fabrics (Thoughts are thin threads) 

Fibers, cloth, fabrics (Thoughts are thin threads)
Regional Gallery of Vysočina in Jihlava - Komenského 10 
8. June 2017 - 20. August 2017

Jihlava, Oblastní galerie Vysočiny v Jihlavě [Komenského 10]

The subtitle of the exhibition comes from the text of Daniela Mikulášková 7 years in threads: "I think seven years in threads. How: Thoughts are thin threads that create a picture field one by one. To do this, it is necessary to slow down your breath and almost turn off the brain. I mean, try to stop the flow of thoughts, the inner continuous speech, the desire, the craving, the pondering of the evaluation, or at least trying to silence.

Regional Gallery of Vysočina